Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wow, I have a working Blog with pictures

Yeh, true. I got tumbled and thrown off my riverboard...but notice I've still got a hold of it.

Okay, people can leave signed comments without having a Blogger account. They can just choose "anonymous" and then leave their name and city (if desired) at the bottom. True, I prefer the formatting for comments on Movable Type blogs, but I have heard that Movable Type requires a lot of setup, and this works nicely.

Today, I changed the style of my Blog to match another Blog I admire: Jibjab, the famous comedy web site. Check it out at

Now I just have to learn how to post pictures.

Edit: Well as you can see, I now have pictures. I even added them to my previous posts. A little large perhaps, but hey, it's my first time.

Somewhere I had read that to post pictures, I would need to download software or go to another web site which seemed quite complicated. However it turns out that there is a little icon above the text window (where you type in your message) for uploading pictures. You just choose a file, and up it goes. Magic. (There's also a spell-check icon right next to the picture-uploader icon.) It even pastes in some text to display the picture. In my case, I moved the text to the top of the window so the pictures would appear at the top.

Very cool!