Tuesday, April 08, 2008

MacBook Air hacked first...

A hacker in a contest remotely took control of a MacBook Air when the computer was sent to a website run by the hacker. A Windows Vista machine was also hacked but it took longer. Apparently Vista on that machine had just been updated with a brand new Vista upgrade which surprised and held up the hacker.

I read some speculation that perhaps the MacBook Air was hacked first because it was very desirable. The hackers got to keep the computers that they took control of, and they were able to prepare before the contest, so it is possible that the hackers put in extra time preparing to hack the MacBook Air.

For anyone wishing to dig into this more, some computer experts (and non-experts) discuss it on TidBITS Talk: http://emperor.tidbits.com/TidBITS/Talk/1928


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