Thursday, July 10, 2008

A "trojan" has been found which affects Macintosh computers

As you may have heard, a "trojan" has been found which affects Mac computers. A trojan is a computer program which has to be downloaded to have any affect on your computer. Computer viruses can spread themselves--trojans can't. Trojans pretend to be helpful programs while actually having a covert purpose which is harmful.

A company called Intego has discovered a trojan called "PokerGame" available for download on some web sites which, if downloaded and installed in a Macintosh computer, attempts to take control of that Macintosh computer for harmful purposes. It might, for example, record your bank passwords and email them to a criminal. Unfortunately others will create other trojans using the same methods. (In other words, in a few months, you could find a trojan called BestRecipesEver.)

What to do?
Do not download any programs unless you are sure that the source is a reliable one.

For those who want to dig into the subject:


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